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Found this issue to do with Bass issue on My system.


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TeamSpeak :eek:


Using a vengeance 1500, and when loud bangs or the bass kick's in I get this strange bass like rattle.

I always thought it was my headset or driver issue, has it came and went. But I have now found out it's teamspeak making this happen.


Can someone here who uses Teamspeak test this out for me.


With Teamspeak closed, go to play back devices and have headset in 7.1 dolby and now click on the sub-woofer "bass should sound great"


Now open up Teamspeak and join a server and now click the sub-woofer again do you get the rattle?


So now my best app for talking to friends is making games not enjoyable :(


My next Question is this a driver issue or Teamspeak issue with this headset?

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I don't have any access to Teamspeak here at Corsair but I'll see if I can repeat it. Maybe there is a public server somewhere...


I can PM you r Teamspeak server if you want Ramguy for testing? Another program that makes this happen is recording with Fraps.


I tried to make a video for you but sadly Fraps makes it happen :(


If they is another free program that can record desktop I will send you link to video showing what I mean.



Skype also does it RamGuy, if you call the testing service and press the sub-woofer before call and in call you should notice what I mean.

It seems programs not using the sub correct and making it rattle.


Without these programs running the bass sound is perfect.

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I feel so stupid for this. I been messing with the headset sample rate 44100 and saying it was because the 48000 sample rate. Then found out it was the Mic, well turns out you can change the sample rate on the mic also and it was set to 44100 so I lowered this to 16bit - 16000hz and now the bass and mic switched on is perfect :D


Happy face :D:

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