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Corsair gaming keyboard compatibility with Aten KVM switches


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Hi all,


I thought I would post this to share my experience as I haven't found anything similar posted already.



Corsair gaming keyboards, in my case a K60, require two USB connections to function properly. Aten KVM switches, in my case an Aten CS-682, only have one USB port for each of the keyboard and mouse.


Whilst you can plug both K60 USB cables into the Aten KVM and your mouse into the K60 USB port, I found problems with this.


Plugging the Corsair USB keyboard cable into the Aten USB keyboard port, then the Corsair USB pass through cable into the Aten USB mouse port, the keyboard would not work. This is because apparently the Corsair gaming keyboards utilise a 16 bit signal and nearly all KVM switch USB keyboard ports are 8 bit (I found out from another post in this forum) with the Aten USB keyboard port providing this 8 bit emulation.


By connecting the Corsair K60 USB keyboard cable into the Aten USB mouse port, with mouse emulation disabled, and the Corsair USB pass through cable into the Aten USB keyboard port, you get full functionality of the K60. However, you then need to plug your mouse into the K60 USB port. This led to problems with my system in detecting my Logitech gaming mouse (MX518) and caused all sorts of sensitivity and disconnection issues for me whilst gaming, including erratic behaviour - not the kind of thing you want whilst gaming.



Aten KVM switches have a function that allows you to turn off the mouse emulation of the USB mouse port so that it can work as a normal USB connection.


This allows you to plug in a standard USB hub to that mouse port. Details of how to turn off the mouse port emulation can be found in the manual for your Aten KVM or on the Aten website.


By turning off the mouse emulation, plugging in a USB hub to the Aten mouse port then connecting the Corsair keyboard AND your gaming mouse to the USB hub allows you to continue using your KVM as intended as well as utilise whatever software your mouse requires without problems.



This worked for me with a Corsair K60, Aten CS-682 and a Logitech MX-518. Whilst I am fairly sure it will work with all Aten KVM switches that have the ability to disable the mouse port emulation, I cannot be 100% sure. If your KVM switch has this functionality, irrespective of the make/model, it should work but your mileage may vary.


This means that there is no guarantee that this will work with your particular Corsair gaming keyboard, mouse and KVM combination.


Good luck.



After some testing, I found intermittent disconnects with the solution above. To solve it all I had to do was switch the KVM focus from one PC to another then back again and I had k/b & mouse control back - but it was a pain.


Alternative Solution

What I did next was to plug in the Corsair k/b USB cable into the Aten USB mouse port (which still has mouse emulation disabled). I then plugged my mouse into the Aten keyboard USB port - it works.


It means that you can't use the USB port on the Corsair k/b as the cable isn't plugged in and your mouse is likely to be not detected as it's proper model - it will simply be a 3 button USB mouse - but I have not had any more disconnects since.


As before, good luck.

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All of our new keyboards now have a BIOS setting which allows them to work with KVM switches. Thank you though for sharing this with us.


Is there such a BIOS setting for the K60 or doesn't it qualify as a new keyboard?


I have v1.31 installed.

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