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One more question @RAM GUY,


I have got 2 emails one says "We have processed your Accessory Product replacement request. You will receive a shipping confirmation email shortly."


And the other says "We have received and approved your Standard Replacement RMA request. Your RMA # is 6016980.


Once Corsair physically receives your item, your replacement will be processed and shipped. For your convenience, click the following link to automatically generate a return address label for your return. Please use this label when shipping parts back to Corsair."


So do i have to send the front I/O panel back first?. In my situation i cannot do this as i cannot operate my PC with out it.


Can you please arrange to send it out and I will change it over and send the defective one back? We are not talking about an expensive part and if i could just get one in Australia (for the $14.99 quoted on your web site) I would and not bother you guys. However my PC Parts store do not stock case spare parts. And online searches have failed to yield any results.


Thank you.

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