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M60 in Romania?


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Over the course of the past 3 weeks Iv checked with at least 15 stores that sell it and none have it in stock. And they all told me i can't order one because the period of shipment is "undetermined" My current mouse's right click isn't working properly and i really need that mouse since it seems perfect for my Dota needs. Are there other places i can order it from? (keep in mind, the mouse itself is out of my budget but since i like it i'm willing to spend more on something i want. but i don't want to pay for shipment double the mouses price)


Bottom line:

How cold i get my heands on a M60?


Sorry for my english. Thanks

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Its possible the distributor is out of stock and probably won't be ordering more as the M65 has come out.


Have a look around and see if you can get a M65. It should be better for your type as its rated for 20 million clicks while the M60 is rated for 8 million (i think).

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