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H100i and Broken AMD Mounting screw.


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I have had my H100i for about a month and was loving it (good load temps etc). I changed my case to the corsair c70 (arctic white) so took the h100i off of the CPU cleaned it reapplied thermal paste (arctic silver 5) and re mounted. Temps seemed a little high but just thought that was just to the new thermal paste and the 200 hundred hours break in.


Temps never got any lower and would jump to above 80 running Prime95. The only thing i thought it could be was the mounting of the H100i so i take it off and tried to remount with new thermal paste etc.


This is when my problem occurred the bottom mounting screw/pin snapped when i was tighting the h100i block to the CPU, so now i can't mount it at all.


I have put in a rma request but it been over a week now and no answer. so much for the 8hours that it says. All i need is one pin. I thought corsair customer services was supposed to be legendary. I'm Not seeing that at all!


Support ticket Number - 6017261

Ticket opened - 13/05/2013


Thank you


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Hello Ram Guy

I was just wondering whats going on with the parts that were supposed to be sent its been over a week now and i have not received anything.


I got the rma approved my no# is 6017261.


Hello hairyfingernail, we barely got the part back in stock. This item will be shipped to you first thing on Monday morning.

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