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AcidBurn mini-ITX mod, CaseLabs Mercury S3

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AcidBurn mini-ITX mod, CaseLabs Mercury S3


I have been wanting to do a mini-ITX case mod for the longest time.

With CaseLabs new release of there Mercury S3 case, I just couldn't put it off any longer.

My color choices for AcidBurn are Green, Yellow, Black, and White.


The hardware I will be using is:

-CaseLabs Mercury S3 case (XL side windows, top window, 2 tone color, 240 radiator mount)

-EVGA Z77 Stinger board


-EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750G Gold power supply

-Intel i7-3770K Ivy Bridge cpu

-Cougar Dual-X Green Led case fans

-Koolance GTX 690 Water Block

-Koolance CPU Water Block

-Koolance D5 pump-Koolance D5 pump base

-Koolance 240mm Radiator

-Koolance Chrome Compression fittings

-Koolance UV Green Coolant

-Roccat Kone Pure Mouse

-Roccat Isku Keyboard

-Roccat Kave Headset

-Roccat Hiro Mousepad

-MDPC Sleeving

-Seagate 3TB Hard Drive

-I haven't decided on a SSD or Memory yet.

-I will be building a custom reservoir, and case feet.


I would like to give a special thanks to my sponsors:

CaseLabs for there newest case, the Mercury S3.



EVGA for there continued support of the enthusiast community.



Koolance for there high quality liquid cooling products.



Performance-pcs for there continued support to the modding community.



Roccat for there high quality products.


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