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SSD Toolbox (v1.0.0) Force GT blue screen firmware update


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hi in win 7 64bit apper blue screen 0x0000003d whe i try update firmware 1.33 to 5.xx

driver is ok .

marvell88se91xx 100.1019

asus rampage iii formula ,i7 920 ,12gb cmz12g3m3a2000c10,

asus gtx 580 matrix, corsair 850w


and before

whe i try to play a game - blue screen


0x000000c5 f1 2012

0x0000000a resident 6


then 0xc000000e and 0x000000c9 (re install win) and try update firmware but again blue screen 0x0000003d


how i can update firmware in msdos pls tutorial jeje.

o maybe force gt 240gb is corrup by manufacturer?



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Please note that we currently do not support upgrading old 1.3.x FW to 5.0x FW on Sandforce based drives. Users of 1.3.x firmwares will still need to update to 5.xx firmwares using the Sandforce based FW update process.


Please try the manual update for 5.05.



Also, put the SSD onto one of your Intel SATA II ports and then run the update.

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BTW are you trying to update while running a RAID???


Dont know if you mean second port or if it has to be SATA II. SImply plug in the very first port of the primary controller (Intel).


Your Intel might be SATA III, whatever you only have one single Intel... so use that Sata*'s first port.


The point is that the Toolbox doesn't support updating from 1.3.x, so you MUST take the Corsair FIeld Updater (Flash Utility), that should work.


Using primary SATA-Controller and -Port is recommended.


I see you have 2 of the same SSD. Beware!


Please do yourself a great favor, plug off the second SSD, for the time updating, and when finished FW-update the first, then shut down, plug that off and connect the other SSD and repeat FW-Update for the second drive! only try to update when 1 of the same SSD is connected at a runtime. Otherwise update-process get confused, might fail and brick your drive. You wouldn't be the first one. You've been warned!

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