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Intel DZ77RE-75K / Mobo Memory Help


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Hi There, I am just about to build my new system around this Mobo which is a Z77 chipset, Latest Bios I believe is 0064 with an i7-3770K 3.5 Gig Ivy bridge. I would like to run it on corsair Dominator Memory as it is the best, I would like to install 16 Gig @ 1600 MHz in a matched pair of 8 Gig each or 4 x 4 Gig sticks, However when I used the memory finder on your site it always shows that on the latest Dominator range that the Z77 chip set is not supported when you look at the specs of it. So can you please then let me know just what is right memory for this Mobo, I plan to OC a little and what is the best set up to run it on, two sticks of 8 Gig or 4 sticks of 4 Gig make and model numbers please, and any other help that you can give me, I have built a few systems in my time but this is my first build under the Z77 chipset, i7-3770k and DDR3 Memory. Thank you: sunglasse
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You can use just about any of the Dominator, Dominator Platinum, and Vengeance dual channel kits with that board


If you plan on overclocking a little then go with a 2x8gig set up . It's less strain on the memory controller and in most cases will help reach higher overclocks. Most of those CPU's are capable of running up to 2133mhz memory pretty easily. But depending on how high of an overclock you end with you may have to sacrifice some memory speed.


So basically it's what you want from here on. I would recommend 1600-2133mhz memory with that MB . If that helps any.


And if you want a list of what has been specifically tested with that board you can look your board up on the memory finder found here


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