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AMD memory issue on memtest


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My problem is the system used memtest errors below.Got in touch with the approval of the corsair in my country, and to exchange the items received. (RMA) However, the product from the same problems continue.



Random blue screen

Games or Virtual machine crash

Memtest Errors 6. test


I've tried to find a solution:

Cmos clear-Update-default timings and 1333Mhz

Other memory slots-single test-voltage increase


Finally, I had the opportunity to test my friend's AMD system. (A completely different system) the same problems ...

I borrowed it from my system memory, and his friend tried to use. Oh my god! 1866Mhz system works without any problem.

I want us to find a solution to this problem now. Why are you so the more expensive memory I'm having trouble?!



System features:


Motherboard:Asus Crosshair Formula V



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