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Vengeance 2000 - Left Ear Audio


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Hello all!


So I recently RMAed my Corsair Vengeance 2000 headset for the notorious cracking issue. A few days ago (yesterday actually >.<), I received my replacement headset. Initially, everything appeared fine, but after playing some bass heavy songs, I noticed an issue with my audio. The audio from the left ear is not as loud as the right and there is little to no low or bass output from the left earcup. At first, I thought I just had a hearing problem, but then I asked someone else to try it for me and they felt the same thing. The surround effect feels pretty empty from the left ear since the bass is missing. I am sure it is a problem with the headset itself since prior to sending in my old headset, I was a pretty heavy user of the V2000s (gaming, videos, youtubing, listening to music while washing dishes, doing chores, laundry). Normally, I wouldn't complain about it, but being such a heavy user previously, this is starting to bother me since I loved the 7.1 audio of the headset and I feel I'm not getting my full money's worth.


Is anyone else having this issue? Do I have to send it in? If I do, how would I go about sending a request for an express replacement? I have sent another RMA request, the ticket number is: 6020435


Things I have tried:

-Windows 7

-Another computer

-Reinstalling drivers

-Plugging in the dongle to another USB port

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