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Recommended sound cards?


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I'm looking at buying the SP2500's but I'm having a hard time deciding on which sound card would go well with 'em. Most I've checked out all seem to have surround sound, which is in no way interesting to me.


I've been led to believe, that the gaming sound cards from Creative aren't terribly good for music use, which is my primary interest. Gaming is secondary to audio playback.


Does anyone have any recommendations for me? It's truly a sound card jungle out there. Cheers. :)

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Not really looking for something external. It's for my workstation, so an internal card seems a better solution :)




i would never recommend an external sound solution


but its made for gaming

if i was planning on audiophile quality sound, the Essence is the way to go


for low profile cards i would recommend the azentech 7.1

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I personally use outside of work an ASUS Xonar Essence STX. It's definitely more for music than games, however.


I totally agree to this..even after so many years the Essence STX is still one of the best sound cards for music.. U know its a Music oriented card when it is designed to turn off all enhancements when listening to music sources above 48Hz so that you can get undiluted pure output thru to your media player


Listening to loss-less music from JRiver via WASAPI in 192Hz 24bit from a SP2500 is simply jaw dropping


get the Essence STX.. u wont regret it

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