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M65 Falling Apart....

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I originally had a M60 a few months ago but had to RMA it due to sensor issues. So as a result of my RMA I received an M65! :D I was excited and happy for the upgrade, or so I thought it was an upgrade. The build quality on this thing is crap... Utter crap! The mouse flexes when I rest my hand on it. The two panels on the sides move around. If I gently shake the mouse I can hear what sounds like a small chunk of plastic bouncing around, probably broken off of some thing. Compared to my original M60 it's not even funny. So my question is should I even bother with yet another RMA for a faulty product that was poorly put together, or should I just take matters into my own hands and open it up, extract the plastic chunk, and glue the side panels down so they don't wiggle?
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