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H80i在win7sp1 64系统中无法识别,在咨询问题之前,尝试过完全卸载CorsairLink 重启 热插播usb各种步骤 系统依然无法识别 H80i (无法看到温度监控软件参数,风扇一直以最大速度运行)


ps:windows系统为全新安装,打了全部补丁,在安装卸载CorsairLink前没有开启其他软件。还尝试过winxp xp3 x86系统 corsairlink 软件一直无法识别散热器






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translated with translate.google.com


Hello everyone

First of all, I lack of English, can be explained only in Chinese - <corsair management can open forum for Chinese plate.>


Question text:

In h80i win7sp1 64 system does not recognize, in consultation with the problem before, tried to completely uninstall CorsairLink restart hot spots usb various steps the system still does not recognize H80i (temperature monitoring software parameters can not see, the fan has been running at maximum speed)

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

PS: windows system for a new installation, hit all the patches in install before uninstall CorsairLink not open other software. Also tried the the WinXP the XP3 x86 system corsairlink software have not been able to identify the radiator


I would like to ask whether the driver has a relationship with my hardware, because the computer is their own DIY


-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ attached to my system diagnostic information, post content in violation of regulations, I urge administrators edit, thank you

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when you translate back with translate.google.com theres a bit of spelling and grammar errors :O

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