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Coil noise again ! HX1050


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Got a brand new HX1050 and then the nightmare started with the coil noise..just by browsing the net or while im writing several angry letters on forums..and for a expensive psu like this HX1050 pro...


I refuse to tweak my bios or cut off my arms and jump 10 times and then yell out of the window and call a witch doctor in order to get rid of the coil noise...so i RMA it and got my money back..now i have a new psu same model again ..and WTF MANN!! The noise concert starts again DADADADAADA...IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII and more IIIIIIIIIIIII it keeps spitting the coil noise in my face !! :evil:


I will RMA this also and buy another brand..i cba this circus RMA !




Goodbye corsair!

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Brewster, Coil whine effects every PSU out there at one point or another. A visit to ANY other manufacturers forums would confirm this. Besides, Corsair sells upwards of 100,000 PSU's monthly, so sure your going to see some that have issues. No different than any others
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