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Two item RMA?

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Unfortunately, I've had two Corsair products fail on me (confirmed by a technician) at the same time. An H100i and a TX850 PSU.


Is it possible to return and recieve two items at the same time? I'm based in the UK, so I don't know if this would even be cost effective, but I thought I might as well find out anyway.


I've already placed orders for another H100i and an AX860i as I don't really want to have to deal with RMA's before getting my rig back together. To be honest, I'm only RMA'ing to get backups in case (God forbid) these new items fail.


Guess I just had bad luck. The cooler started to fail around the same time as the PSU (noticed it was failing when my 670 FTW sig 2's weren't getting sufficient power) and it resulted in a bit of a catastrophe as far as continuing to run the rig goes.


For anyone who's interested , I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with the H100i. Might be the pump as the radiator was freezing cold to touch. PSU fan failed and started overheating. I actually think both products were faulty to some degree to begin with as the cooling wasn't that special and I had a fair amount of BSOD's at med-med high loads. Initially, I thought it was my Gigabyte UP7 board failing. Thankfully not, as that behemoth is NOT cheap!


Anyway, thanks in advance. I'm going to write up a post about my experiences with faulty products so that hopefully people can find out what's gone wrong. My experience was very odd indeed. Fortunately, it doesn't tarnish Corsair's rep with me. I understand that problems or faults can occur during manufacturing that cannot be foreseen through basic pre-packaging testing. I hope the RMA(s) will run smoothly.

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