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H80i pump noise


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To give some background info I've had the H80 and then RMA'd it to receive the H80i.


I first installed the latest software and firmware for the H80i about a month ago and it was 'clicking' at first, but would normally stop this noise after about 10 minutes of switching the PC on.


As of last week it now constantly makes the noise and that doesn't change. Today I just installed the new Corsair Link hoping it might fix this but it didn't.


Any ideas?


Here is my fan display from the Corsair Link software:




And my config:






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Update: I ran OCCT (a CPU/GPU/PSU load tester) and ran it where the temps of the CPU averaged about 70 degrees celsius (under 100% load). After about 30 seconds of running this the pump noise stopped and remained quiet for a few minutes. It then started making the noise again making me think it's under the lower RPM's that it does this noise.
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