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PCI-E cables for HX1000


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I submitted ticket #6014774 on 5/8/2013 2:25 AM and no one has even looked at it. There is no option to buy the PCI-E cables for the HX1000 in the store.


I just submitted another ticket, 6019782. Maybe if I keep opening tickets one will get looked at.


If the reason my ticket is not being worked on is because I'm missing something in the ticket, PLEASE UPDATE THE TICKET, and just tell me please...


Some people seem to be getting awesome service from you guys. Guess I fell through the cracks

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Posts removed. Please read the rules regarding selling things on the forum, thanks.


Really? That's pretty awesome! Lets see, so far, in over two weeks, no one has even looked at or touched my ticket, yet, some dude who happened to have extras was willing to GIVE THEM TO ME FOR FREE, all I had to do was pay shipping... Doesn't sound like selling. Sounds like I got the hookup that Corsair couldn't provide. This will be the last time I buy a Corsair product, based purely on Customer Service. I actually like the product, and its been going strong for 3 years no problems. But I submit a ticket for something, no one even responds to it, a forum member helps me out, and you delete the posts?


Class act, Corsair. Tell the guys in India that they missed their SLA on my ticket... I guess no pizza party for them, right? Or whatever it is you do when the Service Desk meets all their SLA's.

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