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H80i pump install question


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With these coolers I always recommend running the pump prior to installation with the radiator above the pump in order to remove any air bubbles that could potentially be trapped. This is essential if your configuration requires the hoses to dip below the pump body. My H60 that I had prior to my current H80i had horrible temps when I first got it as well as a noisy pump and after some troubleshooting, I discovered there was a bubble in the pump.


My setup seen below is a prime example of this kind of setup.




And if anyone is curious, the fan you see there is a Panaflo FBA12G12U1BX 120x120x38mm 2700rpm beast of a fan. At full speed it's a little louder than the Corsair stock fans but pushes 120cfm. And it can be controlled through the Corsair Link2 as long as you make a custom fan profile and keep the RPM's over 1600. Plus it has a static pressure of 7.9mm/H20 which is over double that of the fans that came with the cooler. :)


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