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Corsair 600T side panel problem!


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I bought my 600T lately, but my friend who have the same case, came by yesterday and told me

that the latches on my left side panel not functioning normally and look weird. (They get stuck while trying to open them)

I actually noticed that since I bought it but I didn't have the time to go around and ask about it,

but he told me that I should talk it with Corsair support and see.

So we gave the back side of the panel a look, and it seems that the panel it self doesn't match the latches at all.

It's like the latches are smaller than what the side panel have, so we tried to align them with no success.

We tried to push the latches so they align but we couldn't, we even tried to remove them to ask for

newer latches but we couldn't also. It's like they been fitted by force. (The right side is fine though)


Here is some pictures.







Thank you,

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