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RMA no reply.

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Hi i submitted a ticket on the 15th and recieved an email as so:


Thank you for contacting Corsair Customer Service.




We have received your request; your ticket # is 6018289. A Customer Service representative will respond within 8 business hours.




Thank you for choosing Corsair.


It has been longer than 8 business hours so am just curious if my rma request has got lost.


Thanks in advance.

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We sent a message to our customer service on the 17th and asked them to take care of you but it does take a few days to arrange the shipping. I will send them another message for you.
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Thanks for the reply Ram Guy but there appears to be a problem with UPS and the label.


Apparently Corsair has not correctly formatted the label and UPS are unable to do anything until whoever created the label contacts them and formats the label correctly.


I contacted UPS and they are unable to deal with me and it has to be Corsair which deals with this.


Hope you can get this sorted. Thanks


This is what the tracking info says:-


Exception: Action Required


If you are the sender, please provide the correct shipping address to UPS. If you are the receiver, please provide the correct shipping address to the sender.


Scheduled Delivery (Pending):

Pending action by the original sender


Last Location:

Nottingham, United Kingdom, Wednesday, 22/05/2013

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