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Corsair Flash Voyager GTR 64-bit not recognized.


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I have the identical problem. The drive abruptly stopped working, disappeared from view and has been flashing blue madly ever since it happened. Ubuntu now sees it as "/mnt/usb-Corsair_Voyager_GTR0000000000000029-0:0-part1". Win 7 Device Manager refers to it sometimes as U168CONTROLLER, at other times as "00000000U168CONTROLLER USB DEVICE attached to Port_#0003.hub_#0006," and says"The Device is working properly," which it obviously isn't. The Win7 registry marks the drive as corrupt, but there's no way to remove the files, regardless of the permission settings. Ditto the Ubuntu files, even as root/superuser in Terminal.


The drive apparently cannot be repaired or formatted (I have a backup made the day before, and there's nothing important or sensitive on the drive, so loss of the contents doesn't bother me). I have tried all the online tools suggested in these forums to get it running again, including Yellowbeard's Ultimate Bootable Flash Drive Tool, which reported, "URescue does not support this device. Please contact the manufacturer", so here I am.


I see from other posts that there is no Corsair software that will magically get the drive working again. Any further suggestions will be appreciated.

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