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H100i LED Issue - Since installed latest Link


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Hey guys!

So ive had this H100i for 2 months now, i love it, best compact liquid cooler in my opinion out there.

The actual issue: everything was workin fine till i installed the newest Link software version 2.3.4816. It was a clean installation, right after i finished installin Windows. As soon as it completed the installation, i noticed that the LED changed to blue from white (as i was usin it). Checked the forums bout this, and RAM GUY told someone they should try firmware v1.0.5, and Link v2.2. I did the same. Flashed FW 1.0.5, then completely uninstalled Link, and went back to 2.2. I cant think of anything else. Please suggest something!

I will NOT RMA it unless something serious happens to, say the pump.


Lookin forward to replies! Feel free to ask any questions.

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Great news man!

Could you send me a link to download?


EDIT: found the beta version of Link (v2.4.4948), installed it, also tried to reflash FW1.0.5, still no change. Blue LED works only, red and green do nothing.

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