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Force 3 raid 0 different model numbers

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Disk-Manufacturers usually brand their model "RAID" if they are ready for raid in the meaning officially supporting it.


Technically it is possible to setup raids with any different models of any disk out there, altough different disks may not perform superiour or may run into faults. Theoretically you can put a 2TB HDD and a 60GB SDD in a raid0... but maybe they controller refuses too and it will clearly be of no joy.


Why dont you just try it, if it is the same Model (minor abbreviation) ??


Both seem to be Force 3, so what?

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Thanks Incrininated. I was after more of a yes or no answer but thanks for being so detailed in your response :)


After giving it some thought and the fact that the force 3 underperforms on my z68 Gigabyte board unless I switch off all the cpu power saving features I am now putting that ssd into my daughters msi based rig as this doesn't suffer the same problem and I have now ordered two OCZ Agility drives that run at there rated speed without adjusting the c3/c6 state in my bios.


Thanks again for your help

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I have the same drive, but its amd controller.


You should report this bug to your motherboard vendors bios support.

I often saw special fixes for certain SSDs in the detailed beta-logs.


Is the BIOS up to date?


Regarding performance issues, verify the SSD is plugged in in primary port of the Intel-controller and your BIOS is set to Sata-Mode AHCI, check latest Intel-drivers, then perform an ATTO bench and provide the results.


Should look like this:




It's actual bench, lots of programs incl AV running, i had better ones in the small chunks xD


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