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Ticket 6014384 - 9 days and no update?

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With the problem you described I would suggest getting the whole unit replaced.

I have changed your case to an RMA and approved it. If you would like and advanced replacement please call our customer service by phone to make those arrangements. The number is listed under contact on the main site.

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Thanks for the help Synthohol and RAM Guy!


I'll give customer services a ring on Monday to get an advanced RMA setup.


I've also just created another 2 RMAs, one for a faulty PSU and one for a faulty Voyager GT, once I have all of these RMAs setup is it ok to send all products back in one package?


I will package each item individually with their own RMA details, but just want to confirm that it is ok to then package them all within one larger box to save on P&P.


Also, as this is the 3rd Voyager GT (2nd RMA replacement) that I have had which has also failed, is it possible to have it replaced with a different model/series instead of another Voyager GT?


The original thread for the Voyager GT is here: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=108983


Just wanted to add for anyone else reading my posts, do not take the volume of RMAs as a bad sign, I build many computers for friends and for work and always use Corsair products (My main machine consists of almost all Corsair!). Out of all the products I have used, I'd say the failure rate is only around 2% at the most!


Thanks again for your help,



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