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AX1200, think it has broken.


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I've had a bit of a problem with my rig over the past few days. It kept shutting down randomly regardless of load. It could be idle or under full load gaming and it would just randomly shut off. Not a kernel panic, it wouldn't freeze just complete power off.


So after 3 days of trying to figure out what could be wrong with a rig that has sat happily for 14 months without issue I go to turn it on and there is a loud audible bang.


Now I think to myself, okay this can't be right. The AX1200 costs £208. It is the highest quality power supply there is, how can this thing die after just a couple years use? (I've owned it since January 2011 and moved it to my current rig 14 months ago).


Well I'm not sure but I'm getting really sick of these power supplies from Corsair dying on me. I have previously purchased a HX1000 which died on me in 2009 after just 3 months of use. And when that died it killed my motherboard.


I thought to myself, okay it's a fluke, I RMA'd that HX1000 and then purchased the AX1200 when that released. Now the same has happened again.


And this is actually my 4th AX1200 because the first 3 I received had terrible coil whine when the system was turned off. You can read my thread from 2011 about how many I went through to get one without coil whine here: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=92410


Corsair what is going on with your QC?


Here is a list of all the products I have purchased from Corsair:


1. Nautilus Water Cooler - Tank began leaking liquid after a while

2. RAM - 1 obviously broken off gold pin before I even opened the blister pack

3. HX1000 - Blew up after 3 months of use while system was idle

4. HS-1 Headset - Cable frayed inside in-line volume control requiring RMA

5. AX1200 - Dies when I try to turn the system on

6. 120GB Neutron GTX SSD - Works fine, so far.


At this point the only corsair product I have which hasn't died on me yet is a 120GB Neutron GTX.


The thing that really pisses me off the most about this is that I have to keep paying to send this stuff back to you. Do you have any idea how expensive this is for us? Your customer support used to be praised as the best but I don't see how when we are expected to pay for your manufacturing defects through costly shipping returns of heavy items.


The thing is I really want to like your stuff, I obviously keep buying it even when 5 out of the 6 things I've purchased have required an RMA.


What is going on? I'm losing faith here and I'm upset about it. When my HX1000 died it killed my motherboard which was not a cheap one it was a high end EVGA 680i and for those who remember those they were very expensive and I purchased it on the day they launched in the UK. I told Corsair this and they didn't offer to replace that. And EVGA wouldn't replace it because they said it was caused by a faulty power supply.


If this AX1200 has claimed another rig of mine (which I can't test right now due to time constraints and traveling I'm organising) I'm going to be so disappointed and angry.


I've already applied for an RMA and have my authorisation number, I will be sending the PSU away later today and hopefully I don't receive back a lemon.


- One really heart broken ex-Corsair fan.

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Vimm make sure you contact CS by phone with your previous RMA number if you still have it. Corsair will cover the shipping charges for you. And if you don't have the number handy call them anyway. I'm sure they will take care of it.
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