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Vengance 2000 popping crackling static.


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Just bought this headset. First time buying corsair peripherals and so far really disappointed. As soon as the headset was charged and I turned it on I knew I was in trouble. The power switch kept cutting in and out when trying to turn the headset on and the blue light to indicate the headset is on wont stay on but rather flickers intermittently.


Once I got them on I immediately noticed a loud popping and crackling static that would come and go every 15-20 secs. I started trying different usb slots, 2.0 and 3.0 and reinstalling the drivers and using just windows drivers and nothing helped. Then I found that when I moved the boom mic up to mute it the sound went away. I started digging on these boards and found a bunch of other posts where people have the same issue.


Has anyone found a way to fix this yet or do I need to return them for a new pair and hope they arent screwed up too?

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