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Vengeance 2000 Cracked


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My Vengeance 2000 cracked above the left earpiece and did a RMA request and all went smooth and fine until i noticed that the shipping is rather expensive.


For the price of the shipping i can almost buy a new headset which is rather crazy.


Can´t i just get a spear part instead of having to pay heavy shipping cost or is there a alternative solution for this?


Case Number: 3399708

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After some time the support at the store i bought the headset from answered but they cant say if it will be replaced as it looked as a fault on my part but i guess its only them covering their *** if something happens.


I have been trying to get in contact whit corsair but im always at home when the support is not online. I have been trying to find a email link but cant find one at all, am i blind or is email not available?

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