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RMA #5751673 - 2 months of my time and still no resolution

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Hi there. I have this RMA open. I previously had some messages in "Tech support express" which eventually dried up and I had been dealing with Jelaide via email and phone direct. She is now not responding to my emails.

I now cannot access the Tech support express anyway as it says page not available anymore. I also cannot get to the RMA status page to check status as it gives a logon error despite re registering. I have tried calling customer support and it keeps saying all agents are busy. This costs me money from the UK to call and is inconvenient having to call late in the UK day to fit around Pacific time to get through to an agent. I know Skype is free but it's even more inconvenient for me to use.


This has now been 2 months worth of my time sorting this RMA out. I have had 3 replacement Corsair PSUs and I got fed up with them so was allowed a full refund. Corsair are now in posession of all the PSUs they have ever sent me so I now have nothing from them. I have sent through documents and done everything asked of me and yet still no contact from them or refund.


Can I just have this escalated and concluded now with a full refund please? I now have a PC that has been up and down (mostly down) for 2 months and I am waiting for the money to buy a new PSU. I am really disappointed in the customer service I have received as I have heard that Corsair are very good normally.



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Hi there, Technobeard thankyou for your previous help with this as it seemed to kick start some assistance. I finally got sent a cheque the other day and I went to pay it into my bank here in the UK and because it is in US Dollars I have been asked to fill in a form which then gets processed and sent off which I quote:


1: May not be successfully processed at all.

2: If it is processed, may take upto 6 weeks as it gets "sent off" somewhere.

3: There will be a charge to process it.


I asked how much the charge would be and was told it was impossible to tell.


Overall I am not happy with this at all. Why could I not be refunded money directly back into my bank account rather than be sent a cheque. This is turning out to be a very long refund process and a lot of hassle for a customer.


Assume I eventually get this cheque processed, what if I am charged a considerable amount? Can someone sort this out for me please?

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I am sorry but that is not something we can do on the forum it would be best to use SKYPE and call the toll free number listed under 888-222-4346 between 7:30 AM to :30 PM Pacific Time and work that out with them.
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