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K60 USB dropout + RMA info?


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Hello Corsair and friends,


Just thought I'd make a post about some problems my K60 has been having right out of the box. As I'm fairly certain this is something I would like to return.


First of all I'd just like to say I'm really impressed with the responses towards the other threads regarding their products. And also the new full mechanical series really shows that you are listening to your community of buyers. I'd like to go into this more but first I think it's best to give my experience with my current product.


Out of the box I was really impressed, aluminium looks awesome. I plugged this baby straight into my computer and it took a while to connect, I was a little scared, but eventually the firmware installed and I was good to go.


After it was up and running, I decided it give it a bit of a bashing i.e. started replacing keys with the red keycaps in different locations, attaching and detaching the wrist rest in different combination with the keyboards unique 4 feet. After doing this the keyboard completely cutout... USB had lost connection and the numlock light turned off. It automatically reconnects but it temporally freezes my machine (particularly noticeable if I'm playing a game)


After this I decided to properly test it. I started readjusting the feet and dropping at respectable heights. About the height I did before. The foot length plus my fingers holding in underneath, and alas it completely loses power again. However it's not consistent. Sometimes it'll only take a really small knock and it'll drop out. Sometimes it'll also drop out simply from button tapping in-game. It makes it sound like it s the USB randomly dropping out, but I've confirmed it dropping out from a few knocks.


Needless to say I have mixed feelings about the keyboard at this point. I really like it but I feel it shouldn't be doing this. Especially at the price I got it for. I could literally punch my 5 year old razer lycosa and it wouldn't be affected. I plan to use my keyboards for a long time, but when the keyboard is having problems out of the box, it doesn't make me confident with the product. Not the mention the complaints of the printing on the keycaps.


Is this something I can claim warranty on? I don't have the box anymore. What kind of proof of purchase do I need? Also I have to make a separate account for dealing with support...? Man that's annoying.


Anyhow if someone could get back to me that'd be awesome. I'm also interested to see if anyone else is having the same problem as mine.




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Yes, you can request an RMA to replace the keyboard and yes you'll need to make an account as well.


Customer Service usually don't ask for proof of purchases, but if they do a receipt should be fine. If you lost yours, contact your seller and ask if they can find it for you.

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