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Fan Configuration 200R


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G'Day Everyone,

I recently bought my new Corsair 200R case with a H80i water cooling unit and I was just wondering what is the optimal fan setup. I am currently using 4x SP120's & 2x AF120's but I am still having problems with my cooling to noise ratio.


It seems that when ever I have a fan working as intake, It becomes very loud, But however setting it up though exhaust it's relativity quiet. This is my current fan set up right now.


Front Panel: 2x SP120's - Intake.

Side Panel: 2x AP120's - Intake.

Top Panel: None

Bottom Panel: None

Rear Panel: 2x SP120's - Exhast


Would it be better to have everything but Front Panel as exhaust?

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Use the AF's for the intake since they're for airflow, SP120's for the H80i or other cooler.


So, my config would go like (based on available fans):


Front Panel: 1x AF120 mid mount and 1x SP120 bottom mount Intakes

Top Panel: 1x AF120 and 1x SP120 Exhaust

Rear: H80i with Push/Pull exhaust 2x SP120's


Ideally, you'd want 4x AF120's for Airflow, exhaust and intake and 2 SP120's for the rad, but I don't think it's a big issue if you use 2 SP120's for airflow. The bottom mount SP120 on the front panel will help push air through the HDD cage, which is good.


Remember, Hot air rises, which is why the top is usually an exhaust.


If the SP120's are loud, use the quiet connectors.


And if I'm not mistaken, Negative pressure cools more effectively, since it brings in cooler air. So more exhaust than intake. Positive pressure will keep dust out, but won't cool as efficiently.

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