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RMA# 5412990 and combined shipping

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I have returned an H80i under warranty as there were some parts missing from the box, a cable was faulty and the one of the screw holes seemed to be stripped which resulted in me being unable to fully secure the H80i to the case. (one of the screws kept pulling out)

I can see from the tracking that the cooler has been received, but I have not yet heard anything regarding the rma.


also, I have submitted an "accessory product request" as the usb3 ports on the front of my 650D are faulty and keep connecting and disconnecting.

I routed the cables to rear ports and had the same problem, so used a different usb3 box, which worked fine, which suggests to me that it's the ports on the front io which are faulty.

I also haven't had a response to that either, but that was a fairly recent submission.


anyway, I was looking to buy some PWM SP120's, but the cost for shipping from corsair to Australia has risen considerably and they aren't available here. So I was wondering if it were possible to add them to the rma return shipping if I bought some.


probably not, right?

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  • Corsair Employees

They will normally send the parts out separately because they are already packaged for shipping.

But what was the case number for the I/O on your case and I will be happy to check on it for you or kick some butt if needed? :D:

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Hi Ram Guy, the ticket number for the I/O is 6016600. butt kicking not required just yet as I only submitted the request the other day, but I leave that entirely up to you ;)


thankfully, the I/O isn't an essential part and I can still use my pc, however, when the response e-mail to the submission states that someone will be in contact within 8 hours and they don't, I can see how people can get upset.

maybe that will sway your butt kicking decision



in your experience, when the front fan (650D) noise is intermittent, is the likely cause the fan being too close to the front grill, or the fan being faulty?

I don't suppose you can ask them to throw in some rubber washers for remounting my front fan further away from the grill, as the noise gets unbearable?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I received the new front I/O and H80i, both of which have a couple of problems.

Firstly, the H80i has a cross threaded stand off, of which i'll need another.

Secondly, despite the instructions saying so, there's not 8 washers for the fan screws in the box, only 4. However, I foresaw this and kept the 4 that came with the H80i that I'd returned ;)


Regarding the front I/O, this one is far worse than the last. Previously I had problems with the usb 3 constantly disconnecting, the replacement is riddled with faults.


The usb2 just does nothing.

The hdd activity light is constantly lit.

Plugging a drive into usb 3 is results in a pop up saying the disk must be formatted before use. Plugging the same dick into a rear usb 3 port on the mobo works fine.

Finally, not a big issue, but the headphone and microphone jacks were reversed on this one compared to my previous unit. a refurbed unit perhaps?


I have updated my ticket advising of the front I/O issue, but not completed one for my H80i yet. It's been a while and I've had no response.


Can I politely request you initiate a butt kicking?

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry about that and I have sent a message to our customer service for you but it may be best for you to call them at the toll free number listed under http://www.corsair.com/us/company/contact/. And you can call the toll free number using SKYPE for free.


I do not see another case for the H80i so if it was replaced by the reseller you will want to create an RMA directly with us then speak to our customer service about getting it replaced by us.

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no, the H80i warranty was resolved through corsair, when Technobeard, I think, helped me with it.

It's just 2 accessory claims for another front I/O and for the cooler mount stand off.


Just noticed today that the reset button doesn't work either, so the only thing working on the front of my case is the on/off button.


My experience of calling corsair has been less than satisfactory. On hold for ever, then asked to leave a message that never receives a response.

I guess if I don't get a response in a few more days I won't have many other options though

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the tracking number you quoted is for the original replacement which was faulty, the second replacement has now been received, thanks.


Now I just need a replacement stand off and screw for the H80i mounting kit as one was cross threaded.


ticket number 6028755

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