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AZ860i Sudden shutdown


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I have not *yet* pulled apart the system to press the self test button (or even pull anything else out) & I've barely searched the forums yet (will do tonight)


Symptoms: While running (no real pattern on timing or what I'm doing) the computer will suddenly shut down and then attempt to start up again.


This will proceed until it eventually restarts.


Today upon startup the "Intel supervisor" reported a potential problem with the powersupply and wouldn't boot until I "pressed a key".


At the moment I do NOT have corsair link installed though it's on my list.


The system is plugged into a battery/surge suppressor (everything there is working fine)


Anyone else have this issue?


Fwiw, I purchased this in January 2013


Thanks in advance



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Just got home, turned the system on and had the same problem. After several attempts I got into the bios - and right now the system actually stopped trying to reboot and just stopped. I haven't yet tried to turn it back on manually so I'm using a tablet to type this. On the positive side I'm now convinced it's not a weird OS bug.


Anyway you requested voltages:


12 volt rail: 12.03

5 volt rail: 5.16

3 volt rail: 3.31

SDRAM: 0.71

CPU 1 core: 1.04

PCH: 1.04 (bouncing between) 1.05

3 volt standby: 3.32


Fwiw, this is the most ridiculously over specced system I've ever put together <grin> so there's no over clocking no nuthin. Though I may play with that later when I get time.

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