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Opening a M65


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Hey, I've bought a M65 a few weeks ago and I really want to change the LED color since blue doesn't fit my theme.

I've been unable to open it, since i'm afraid of breaking it. I've noticed there's 2 screws under the mouse and what appears to be the bottom of 2 screws under the glide pads.


TLDR: Does anybody know how to open the M65?


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Well I figured out how to open the thing.

It was actually quite easy, so I thought I would explain it here for anyone wondering.


Step 1: Unscrew the 2 screws on the bottom.

Step 2: Take something thin and rigid, an old credit card or scalpel.

Step 3: Unclick the top part of the mouse by inserting previous tool at the back of the mouse. Picture: http://i.imgur.com/sYlgB06.jpg

Step 4: Congrats! You're done.


For a LED change you'll need the following LEDs.

5x 1206 SMD LEDs.

2x 3mm LEDs.

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