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Is there any problem with RMA request ?

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1. I am trying to use RMA because I have a problem with my corsair 500r front panel I/O and I cannot login , because every time I use this forums link there is an error (you can see the error on the following picture). http://s20.postimg.org/o8nwyjq0p/error.jpg


2.Also I wanted to ask if the RMA is different for Global customers and USA customers. Why I am saying that is because I have opened a ticket on (USA RMA I suppose I am not sure although) with CC-8930017 part number and I was waiting 5 days or more for an answer and there wasn't any .


My email is [ and is the same on RMA's registration Pls check my problem and give me an answer and tell me what I have to do to use RMA correctly because I am pretty confused .


And I also wanted to ask how much I have to wait for an answer on open ticket status ?

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