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H80 fan controller failed ? Fans run max speed


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Hi Corsair,

My H80 was working fine for about a few months. But lately it seems like the fan controller has stopped working. My fans are now running at max speed (~2600-2700) regardless of how much i try to change it. Pump speed is also very high @~4000 rpm. The 3 fan profiles are now not responsive. I tried multiple reset procedures posted here but no luck so far. I can only get to the step where the two top profiles and the human symbol are blinking forever without doing anything.

Should i RMA it or there is a fix for this?

Please let me know. THnaks !!!

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I got an RMA approved from corsair. I don't have the original package anymore. Do they need receipt or original box for RMA?


Not something that we would require. Just make sure that include both fans that came with cooler originally.

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