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HX850 fan

Dry Toad

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My HX850 spins the fan up to 100% every time I start a game.


I'm led to believe the fan spins according to the load put onto it. But I only have a single GTX 570 (which pulls about 200W).


Also the fan seems a bit worn out even thought it is only 3 months old. The bearings sound like they have gone completely, because it is now louder than anything else.


Is this something I should worry about? Also I can't RMA as I bought it privately.

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Not really something to worry about. The fan will run when it hits either 49c or 40% load or so and could be any combination of the two depending on your other hardware.So that could be normal for your system . Seeing as it's an older machine that uses more wattage than a newer system it sounds completely plausible that it's acting fine.


The fan on the other hand would have been a reason you could RMA but since you bought it privately you have given up any sort of warranty.


Your only other option would be to replace the fan your self, but trying to find one that would be controllable with the fan controller might be hard to do. You could always buy a regular casse fan and connect it to a MB header and control it that way.

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Probably a great excuse to upgrade the system then!!


I have a noiseblocker that I tried slicing up but it didn't work, so I'll just run it off 12v.

I'll stick a temp probe inside the PSU just to keep an eye on it.

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