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a sucky lesson learned


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i decided to relocate one of my cooling nodes and had thought i flipped the power switch as i heard a click.

being i was working solely from the cable mgmt side no lights remained on to verify.needless to say the node is spike prone unfortunately so now im stuck having to order a new one and of course another spare as im sure in time itll be needed.if the little woman knew i was approching nearly 1k in cooling products,id be in the doghouse for life...:mad:


remember double check the psu button guys.


a couple of things ive learned regarding the cooling node is the commander constantly communicates with the nodes even tho the computer is off [notice the lc light flashes]

the cooling node can be bad if the fans spin full blast but the node isnt seen in devices

the cooling node can be bad if on boot the fans spin for 3 seconds,then stop and can be seen in display with fans reading 0

guess i shouldnt tinker so much

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