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Corsair Survivor GTR 64G not working


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I have an USB flash Corsair Survivor GTR 64G that is not working!

It stopped working suddenly.

When I plug it into the usb port of any of my desktop or laptop mac, the blue led fashes continuously but it doesn't get mounted.


It does not even appear into the disk utility

In the log I get some results like



11.05.13 13:41:18.000 kernel[0]: USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): 0x48d 0x1168 0x100

11.05.13 13:42:55.153 usbmuxd[93581]: _select_socket (thread 0x100781000): select error receiving message: Invalid argument.

11.05.13 13:42:55.157 usbmuxd[93581]: _AMDevicePreflightWorker (thread 0x100781000): Pair worker could not connect to lockdownd on device 6595: 0xe8000084.


Not sure they are all related to the flash drive.


What can I do ?

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Me too, pretty much exactly.


I have a lot of data on this device, so I downloaded the data recovery program "Recuva" to try to get it back. However, Recuva just tells me "Device not ready" when I try to scan my Corsair Survivor GTR 64GB stick.


So I'm stuck. Any hints would be useful. I already tried previously plugging the device into a different computer - several actually - but the result is the same in all cases, ie continuously flashing blue light but no other signs of life.

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Hello All

I'm the next one : same problem as you guys but in France...

Did you go further with data recovery ?

Strange this issue... I bought my Survivor August 2011... Just 2 years (sigh!)

Where should I fill my RMA ? in the US or in France ?

Thanks for your help and regards.


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