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M90 "not being detected" issue


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My M90 randomly stops being detected by the computer. No lights, no curser movement, nothing is clickable, Windows tells me something like "USB device not recognized" (roughly translated from German). Device manager says "unknown device". Every time I click left/right/wheel button, it plays the USB plug/unplug sound.



  • Sometimes starts working again after some seconds/minutes.
  • Sometimes needs fixing (see below) to start working again.
  • Works for anything between 3 seconds (shortest) and 7 days (longest).
  • Happened on another computer too (after testing for one evening).


Assumption (further testing required):

It seems to occur especially (but not limited to) after/while playing older games (XP, DOSBox). I stopped running these for some days and had minimal issues. After playing them again the issues returned (two days after though). However, none of these games were ever played on the other computer, but the issue still occurred there. Maybe some applications are corrupting the firmware? It seems to work between firmware update and running said applications.


Fixing attempts:

  • Re-plugging (also different port) - no effect
  • Plugging to another computer - fixes it temporarily
  • Re-installed M90 drivers - fixes it temporarily
  • Re-done the firmware update - fixes it temporarily
  • Updated BIOS to newest version - no effect
  • Updated chipset drivers to newest version - no effect
  • Added a USB-card to my system, tried to plug in mouse via the new ports - no effect


Additional Info:

I bought it less than a month ago from computeruniverse

Issue started after like 2 weeks.



Is there anything else I could do to prevent the issue from occurring? Some others here seem to have the same problem, but I couldn't find an explanation or solution. Maybe a firmware update you are working on right now? Some magical voodoo skills?


I'd prefer NOT sending it to Corsair, since I already paid for a working mouse, so I don't see why I should have to pay extra money for shipping to get an actually working one.


If there is no other solution than a RMA request, do I have to send it to America? I live in Austria (Europe) and it would be quite expensive. Any less distant places I can send it to?

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Unfortunately, it sounds like the M90 is faulty (No lights, no movement, etc).


Contact your seller and ask if they can replace it. If not, request an RMA to replace it.


No, you will not be required to send it to America. Instead you'll send it to Almere,Netherlands as that's your closest hub.

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