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Accelerator Series Question

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My current Operation system is running on a Corsair Force 3 120GB drive.


My steam library is on a WD Caviar black.


If I install an Accelerator drive, can I dedicate it to the WD black without interfering with my Force 3 boot drive?


How much more performance will I get loading steam games off it?

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Source: http://www.nvelo.com/dataplex-download/corsair/ReleaseNotes.php


Version (09-07-2012)


1. New Features:

1.1 Support for secondary target drive.


Source: http://www.nvelo.com/dataplex-download/corsair/Limitations.php




- Windows 7 only. (Windows 8 will be supported in a future release.)





- When a boot drive is selected to be the Target Drive, the drive

must be configured as MBR (Master Boot Record).


- Multiple-Operating Systems / dual-boot configurations are not



- If the selected Target drive has the Windows installation

(C:\Windows folder), it must also have Windows System Partition

(100MB partition) on the same drive and vice-versa.


- Only one cache SSD is supported in a system.


- There cannot be two identical SSDs in the system, one of which

is to be used as cache.


- Use of RAID sets as the cache drive is not supported.


- The following configuration(s) are not supported:

-- NVIDIA storage controllers

-- VIA storage controllers

-- Adaptec storage controllers

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Another easier way would be to copy the steam folder with data to your primary SSD and symlink that folder to the original Steam location, so Steam would NOT notice that move at all:


just move (not copy) the main-folder to C:\, then open a terminal and enter:


​mklink /J "D:\Original-Steam-folder" "C:\New-Steam-Folder"


(Replace with your correct locations!!!)

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