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Flash Voyager 8GB 3.0 unable to format


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About 1.5 years ago I got the Flash Voyager 8Gb 3.0 for Christmas. After about 1 year windows started saying the drive had to be formatted. When I tried it said the drive was drive protected. So I can't format it. I tried googling back then but I none of the things I tried helped.


It's already empty but I can't do anything with it. I put it in my nightstand and forgot about it. But today after clearing out my nighstand I found the USB drive again and checked if it would work.


Sadly I still have the same problem as before. I then tried googling again and tried some of the stuff that was suggested on this forum. But none of the suggestions worked.


So i'm wondering if I should request a RMA?


And if anybody has some new tips that would be great aswell.

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