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Confused about my RMA

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I raised an RMA (6011258) and returned my Vengance ram.


On the 8th I got an email that was very vauge indeed, but upon checking my ticket it stated that replacement ram had been sent.


There was also a tracking number of ups.


This tracking number is still showing as not arrived with UPS so there is no update as to where my replacement ram is or when I am likely to receive it.


Can someone cast some light on it for me?


Oh and I am getting a lot of errors when logging into the focus site with a message suggesting that if I need to contact yourselves follow the link to Email.

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so much for the quoted policy


•Please allow two business days for your replacement order to be shipped, a credit to be applied to your account or up to 14 business days for a check to be mailed


been three days since confirmation of shipping and my case closed...

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