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Random shut-downs v2000


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Now that another problem has occurred, this one is really a problem.


Is that the headset randomly turns off (connected to the charger or not)


At first i thought nothing of it but as the time goes by its now pissed me right off.


(This i think the 9th time if i remember right)


And for me to get it working again i have to disable it then re enable in the sound options.


Would you guys think its the pc drivers or the headset drivers? or even the headset itself? that causes it to turn off.

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If it turns off (you can tell when it does if the LED isn't flashing on the headset and the LED is blinking on the dongle), it is the headset.


However if its the dongle losing connection, then it could just be a faulty pairing between the two due to the dongle itself. Let me know which it is as I can replace either.

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