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M90 allround profile without using keystroke assignment


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Hope this isnt a repeat thread. i tried to find a similar Q. but i didnt have the tenacity to browse the whole thread.


i love my M90 but binding takes to long. is there any way to simplify it?


keybinding and finding ones preferances takes a long time i'm aware of that.

but deleting and creating a new profile every time you try out a game is tiring. 6 of the buttons are unassigned as default.


If i try and keybind Forward to a action it appears as Mousebutton 4. same with backwards but then it appears as Mousebutton 5


can i do this with all the buttons on the mouse?.. E.g Mosuebutton 15


i dont want to assign a keystroke to the mousebutton then that key to a action

now games have lot of hotkeys and binds for voice macros, in-game chat and voicechat options the whole numpad is usualy "ocupado" same for the F-keyes and scroll keyes they usualy have a defined utility for each and every game


my goal with this would be to create a profile that lets me quickbind mousebuttons faster when im just trying out a game or playing through a game that only takes 10 hours.


Is it possible to map what the software calls "left" to mousebutton 1, "Right" to mousebutton 2 and continueing "middle" "forward" backward" "scroll up" "scroll down" up to Mousebutton 7?. And then the rest of the buttons, up to MB10-12ish?


anoying example:

interact is bound to "E". say i would like to use the button 14 for that, so i would bind keystroke "E" to MB 14 but then mayby i want to use "E" for something else then i would have to find "interact", bind it to a key that is not in use, lets say "N" or "Y" then change the assignment to said key.


i find this process exhausting and sometimes i choose not to rebind at all bcuz of this.


*irrelevant* and on top of it al i think i found a bug. If you try to assign scroll up and down to the mosuetuttons 10 and 11. both will work as scroll down if you try to bind them in game. im aware that this could be the games fault/bug.



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i did that and it finds 5 buttons Mousebutton 1-5 what the software calls left.right middle.forward.backwards.


you could bind scroll up and down to the mouse buttons but they will not be unbound from the actual scroll wheel so theres no point... maybe a very little point.


the advanced buttons option are hardware buttons and will not be detected in game bcuz the are ment for dpi and profile selection.

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Unfortunately what you're asking for is a Windows OS limitation. Some manufacturers work around this by allowing you to bind all the mouse buttons without software, but thats because they work with the software company to incorporate this with their mouse.
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so i guess ill have to bind everything above mousebutton 5 to a macro eg. alt+1, alt+2 and so on, then bind said macro to a action. bcuz the keystroke function dont take modificators. Still sounds exhausting..


the point with this would be to make it more simple to rebinding actions for a casual gaming session. and im not sure it will..


any tips o how i can achieve that.

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