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Link not altering fan speeds


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So, update on my h100i woes. Still haven't sorted out those issues, I'm waiting for a new USB cable to try that, if not I think I'm going to have to RMA it.


In the mean time I've connected the fans on my h100i directly to my cooling node so I can have a bit of control of the noise my machine makes.


I've made custom curves for all my fans linking them to the CPU temp and despite that they are not ramping up or down.


Is this going to be a re install corsair link situation?





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the h100l temp should be used as the water temp is what really needs to be controlled,try that and see how it works for you.


I might struggle with that because, as per my previous thread, my computer is refusing to install the h100i, hence why I'm controlling the fans from the cooling node

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