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Corsair Vengeance 1500 Only Problem


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I switched from a pair of Turtle Beach PX-5's to the 1500's about two months ago. What a freaking improvement, I'm more than pleased with the performance of this $100.00 headset.


I do, however, have one gripe about my perfectly functioning headset. Since they are closed-ear and noise canceling, I often wear them around my neck and rotate the earcups upward (glad they are adjustible). The problem with doing this for any length of time is that the hard pieces of metal on the side of the earcups rest on the collar bone. This becomes more than uncomfortable after about an hour of use. To solve the problem, I bought adhesive neoprene strips and applied them over the metal.


I wanted to post for three reasons


1. If you are thinking about purchasing the headphones and plan on wearing them around your neck for long periods of time this might be of import.


2. If you currently have the same problem with your 1500's Just buy some adhesive foam or neoprene like I did. Problem solved.


3. In the hopes that Corsair takes this comfort issue into consideration with future designs.


I really do love the headphones and recommend them!



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