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Corsair power supplies and Haswell


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Can we make a list of which models of power supplies are fully compatible with Haswell's architecture. Now I know Intel has a web site going but I would like to hear it from the horses mouth. I need a new high-power power supply for my upcoming haswell build and I need to know which ones are compatible...

Thank you.

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There is no "compatibility" list that Corsair has right now..


{EDIT} I should state that differently . Since the Haswell architecture allows for low power draws in some C states some PSU's may not work. But Corsairs I series PSU's have a 0A min to be able to run. So they are all good to go. I'm not sure about the others. But i would tend to believe most of them do the same.



According to Maximum PC this will only affect the C6/C7 states. If you happen to not need it then any PSU will work .


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