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Ignored Support Ticket?


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Hey all,


I have had a ticket (#6011783) in for over a week (submitted 4/30/2013) about the LEDs in my H100i without so much as a peep from tech support. Is this standard business practice?


I have to say that I am not only disappointed with the H100i, but I am disappointed with Corsair in general. I've had nothing but problems with this cooler and the customer service experience isn't making me feel any better.


Please advise.

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  • Corsair Employees

We replied to your case on 05/02 so it has been answered.

However, I have changed your ticket to an RMA request and approved the request if you want to get it replaced. If the cooler is less than thirty days old you can call our customer service by phone and request us to take care of the shipping.

The Toll free number is listed under contact on the main site

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Hrm, I checked this morning and didn't see it. Probably my mistake.


The unit is still cooling correctly (I think) now that I have updated to FW 1.0.5 and updated CL2. I see now that they are working on a hardware fix, so an RMA is unnecessary. I would like to have an email notification when the fix is ready as I probably won't be checking the ticket status on a regular basis.



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