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H100 fan controller died - resetting didn't work and no ticket response


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I'm really bummed out here - my H100 has been nothing but problematic since I bought it but I really didn't want to replace it due to how hard it is to mount in my case; both stock fans died quickly and were replaced with SP120's. Now the integrated fan controller is totally dead; the pump's still running and at boot the fans spin for a second and then nothing. No leds, no fans and resetting the unit didn't help.


Can someone look at this for me? My ticket # is controller 6014681



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  • Corsair Employees

I have asked our customer service to get this approved ASAP and you will get an email shortly to that effect.

However, the RMA will have to include the original fans for the RMA to get processed, so I would suggest calling our customer service and work this out before you send the cooler.

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