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AX860 Cable braiding and Warranty


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I've done a bit of searching and seen multiple differing responses on the subject of cable braiding and whether or not it voids the warranty.


Some threads have stated that due to the AX series being fully modular, individually braiding the modular cables is allowed without affecting the warranty, but others have suggested not.


Firstly, by braiding the cables I wish to do the following:


  • Remove the pins from the connector and remove the standard braiding (No stripping of wires or removing crimps)
  • Apply braid over the top of the insulated wire
  • Re-insert the wire/pins back into the same place they were removed from


In essence, the pin outs are not being changed and the cables are not changing in any way apart from having braid put over them.


In order to be certain, I wanted to get an official, up-to-date, written response to clarify Corsairs current standing.


I raised a support ticket initially but the response I got was vague, suggesting that modifying the PSU or accessories COULD void the warranty and to do so at my own risk. I have replied asking whether this is a could or a would and whether the question could be posed to someone who can give a definite answer. In the meantime I thought I'd come on here and see if anyone else has been in a similar situation, or whether someone from Corsair is able to answer this.


Lastly, I know I can purchase official braided cable kits directly however I have a colour scheme in mind that is not available so creating this myself would be preferable if I can do so without voiding what is a fantastic warranty.


Thanks for any support, and thanks for an awesome PSU!

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  • Corsair Employees
As long that you do not modify the cable that is permanently attached to the PSU, then the warranty stands. For example, semi modular PSUs like HX, TXM, as long that you do not alter the 24pin, 8pin EPS, and PCI-E, then you are good.
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That's perfect, thankyou for the prompt answer, much appreciated! Looking forward to building this awesome PSU into my system :)


I'm not sure if this is something you can pass onto the support team, but the second reply to my ticket did not offer any more insight than the first. Just a copy/paste of what I guess are the standard warranty terms.


Thanks for your help!

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